Titanium is a fabulous material for ring !

No question for it despite of the haters who devalorisate it, do you know why ?

Because they don’t know how to work with !!!

So they say some lies like : titanium ring can’t be sized up . Totally wrong !

We can !

But let’s leave the polemics to give you the facts why we love it :

It’s super light, super super strong and very affordable !

So we can rely on it !

But this feature are also for some people a weak point, because the ring could feel in your hand to light, not enough weight, could seem for some people fake, that’s ok, it’s very personal, so for this people we advice to go to precious metal or tantalum.

The color of titanium is slighly a darker grey then palladium and steel. But much less dark then the tantalum.

Another super cool feature of the titanium is that we can color it with heat, and that can be from yellow to purple. But has to be protect from scratches, it can be perfect for the inside of the rings


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