The beauty of contemporary rings made of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or red gold

We are amazed by the beauty offered by the Golds !

It’s an amazing material, and it’s not for no reason that was the most coveted material on Earth and in history ever; we understand it, and we agree it’s an MAGICAL material. And very nice to work with.

Although if we, at Cbijou, are not at all oriented for the cost of the material, we have to confess we love using gold to take the advantage for the contrast it offers, and will last for ever, because gold will not oxyde, but we prefer to protect from attrition with a more though material like tantalum, titanium and/or steel which are really strong and long lasting and what even better offer a great contrast with the golds.



What is the color of gold ? How can we have rose gold or white gold ?

Is it by a magic trick ??

So sorry, but it’s not …

That obviously something confusing, and I like to clarify this, it gives more understanding and more affinity for what we understand.

1° : Gold is yellow.

2° :  We never use pure gold, pure gold would be 999°° or also titled in some country : 24K (capital k) or

3° : For jewelry we usually use the 18K / 750°° that means there is one quarter of alloy add to the pure gold like the sketch beside

4° We can get different colored golds by playing with the alloy, for example adding copper to the gold we get rose gold and by adding palladium ww will get a grey / white gold but slighlty yellow ( explanation below)

5° Black gold was a scam ! Never existed but was only platted of black ruthénium so doesn’t last ! It’s why we work with tantalum from more then 15 years, because it offers a very dark color on it’s own.

What is white gold ? Why does it becomes yellow ?

Actually it’s better for oyu ot know this also a trap … sorry for that . Sorry not sorry actually because we prefer to give the true and create long lasting beauties !

White gold as sold in stores is always platted of rhodium which is super clear, near white. But the “coats” is only one hair thick so … it will disapear sooner or later and people say “awww, my white gold ring becomes yellow…”

Because the white gold is plated and the gold under the rhodium is slighly yellow. ( you remember ? the gold alloy with palladium becomes white/grey gold)

Technically we never call the white gold “white gold” but we call it grey gold . BUT knowing that, the grey gold can be super nice, if we are not looking for a neutral grey, nor a very light grey, it can be super nice and by Cbijou we would never, ever hide it under a coat of rhodium !

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