The aspects, finishes and colors of jewelry/rings - how to choose?

Appearances, finishes and colors of jewelry or rings or “the color of jewelry” or “bling-bling VS brutal”


The different aspects/finishes to choose from for your jewelry, wedding rings or engagement rings may perplex you.

I will try to explain some terms such as polished, matt, satin, raw etc. I will give you a lot of information that does not require any prior skills or knowledge, but will allow you to see more clearly.


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Now let’s go back to the topic of this article. There is undoubtedly an aspect, a finish, a texture that will suit you better. As some salespeople like to say, “a finish that will fit your skin type best”. I prefer saying, one that fits your personality best. 

There are without a doubt finishes that will age much better than others and some that are more traditional than others.

“But then with all this, how one earth am I going to decide what is best for me?”


No worries! In this article, I will explain these different terms which will allow you to choose what suits you better. You will have the knowledge of a wide range of aspects to define your future (dream) jewel!

To begin with, let’s differentiate the color of the material and the reflection given by its surface – the difference between a light/dark material and a glossy/matt surface.


Matt or glossy:

Shine is the reflection of light on a surface. It is what we mean when we talk about polished or matt, it is the finish of the surface. 

A mirror is perfectly polished, ultra smooth, it reflects perfectly, to such an extent that you can look at yourself in it. A wooden board is perfectly matt, there is no reflection. It would not be easy to style your hair in front of one…


Examples of matt surfaces:


raw tantalum


satin-finished tantalum and heart line


carbon and titanium


Examples of polished surfaces:

polished palladium

polished bronze gold


polished yellow gold


The lightness/darkness of the material:

It is the color tone of the material. Some people see the material as “more shiny” when it is light or they see it as matt when the material is dark. 

Let’s make the difference between these two concepts. Here, we look at the color of the material itself, dark or light. For example, snow is lighter than coal.

For the same surface polish, here are three different materials from the lightest on the left to the darkest on the right:

light metal : silver

grey metal : titanium

dark metal : tantalum


There is often confusion between these terms: light/dark and shiny/matte.

A dark material can have its surface shined or polished, like a perfectly polished black diamond for example. It shines because the light is reflected on its surface even though it is completely black. Coal has the exact same black color but its surface does not reflect light. It is the difference between a shiny or matt surface.

Here are two examples of black ceramics to illustrate this:


(To sum up about material lightness/darkness and surface finish:

The matt or glossy reflection is given by the surface while the dark or light tone is given by the color of the material itself.) * (À mon avis ce paragraphe est de trop, tu répètes exactement la même chose un peu plus bas)



Polished means shiny like a mirror and matt means no or little reflection (in absolute terms it does not reflect light) so we can conclude that there are different degrees of matt:

Here is an image of a satin-finished ring:


and here is a completely matt tantalum ring:


To summarize between material lightness/darkness and surface finish:

The matt or glossy reflection is given by the surface while the dark or light tone is given by the color specific to the material (if you still have a question or misunderstanding you can use the comments at the bottom of this article). 


Aspect, texture, finish

Now that we are clear with color, lightness/darkness and shine/polish we can continue with some finishes of special Cbijoux® rough surfaces



satin-finished hammered tantalum


hammered raw cromoco


satin-finished hammered palladium


satin-finished hammered titanium


hammered titanium


satin-finished hammered palladium

hammered and polished silver


satin-finished hammered steel

satin-finished, hammered and polished silver


laser engravings of fingerprints on titanium


Scratched :

scratched black tantalum, with a line of lost wax


deep striped lost wax palladium


titanium“diamanté”, yellow gold and carbon fibre


scratched black tantalum

Cobalt-chrome with deep striped lost wax


Cobalt-chrome with deep striped lost wax



rings in raw lightweight black tantalum, concrete effect


hammered titanium wedding rings, black striped tantalum line


irregular rings, hammered titanium and deep striped silver lost wax lines and bubbles


raw hammered ring with striped lost wax line and mini-bubbles


colored titanium “diamanté” with a cromoco line “à la spatule” 


raw ring in hammered “concrete” tantalum and central parts striped in cromoco


raw hammered tantalum and titanium


gold and lost wax centerpiece, imprinted with the heart line


wedding ring in tantalum with a silver piece


scratched black tantalum and a lost wax line


To conclude, the polished finish is not really one of our favorites, it will quickly lose its shine. It goes well for traditional, or branded jewelry in the “bling-bling” line.

For Cbijoux wedding rings, I love a powerful finish, which shows the strength of the material and enhances it as nature would do. It is jewelry that will become more beautiful over time as you wear it. The marks/scratches that you will add, will make your jewelry even more unique.

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See you soon,

Cédric Chevalley


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