Steel used for creation of custom rings is perfect, if …

  • We are not having value only for precious metal.
  • We like a neutral clear grey
  • We don’t want dark / black metal like tantalum
  • We like not too heavy metal
  • We want a strong metal

Steel is light grey, and can be hammered, scratched  and it’s also a very, very good choice for polished / shinny jewelry because on this metal the polish will last for long time.

Steel was, for Cedric Chevalley, one of the first very favorite metal to use for his contemporary jewerly. Even though  he was not followed by the public, in the early 2000, most of the public were willing to buy more easily precious metal even the too soft silver…but Chevalley knew what he was doing and why… And 20 years after the public is really crazy about his creation made of steel, and the first customers who trust him are still so happy for this long lasting material.

Chevalley was always taking more his judgment as more valuable  then the value of the market, and that made him very successfull, with that consideration (more his knowledge about technology and aesthetic)  he didn’t disapoint his customers, even if they , at the beginning, would prefer another metal then steel.

This point is a very crucial point for the huge success of mood collection


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Cédric Chevalley Swiss designer has been creating contemporary jewellery since 2001, read more about him here.

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