ROSE GOLD, the rose gold or red gold is closer to copper tone, than an actual pink. Read more about gold here.

SILVER the most known precious metal, a very light grey close to white. It offers also a very charming contrast when used uneven, because the “holes” will oxyde and the bump will get very shiny when wearing the jewelry. But we prefer to use silver combined with other stronger metals for long lasting, because silver on itself is very soft. Read more about using silver here.

PALLADIUM a very unique precious metal, it is the one which is used to get the “white gold” look and it is definitely a better choice for anyone who wants white gold. Learn why and more information on Palladium here.

MOKUME-GAME – Custom contemporary rings made with mokume game are directly a step above . It’s a marriage of tradition with contemporary jewelry. Learn more about Mokume-Game here.

CARBON FIBRE – This special material is a superb black option with which the fibres inside play with light. Read more about Carbon Fibre here.

TANTALUM is an absolutely fantastic metal, one important key point to the Cedric Chevalley’s design success. Read more about Tantalum here.


ROUND make the sides like vanishing, become a radius, smooth and comfy. In both cases, flat or roundish sides, to provide comfort, we break the edges by making a radius,

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