Choosing wedding rings made of palladium is not the most common approach, why?

If you have browsed through jewellery stores and jewellery websites looking for your dream wedding rings, you must have already encountered this term: palladium, ok… but what is it?? Why does it seem to compete with white gold? What is the difference?? Is it a good choice???….. etc… So many possible questions, which may not seem to have clear answers, since you might not really know what this metal is…

(Read this article to understand and make the right choice between white gold, platinum and palladium, if this is where you have doubts. Then, you can come back onto this page) only yet in french , translation in progress

Back to this present article : palladium wedding rings, why choose this metal? I will give you my advice on this metal, its strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s start by debating a little bit about the current market offer.

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