Carbon fiber is an amazing material offering a great dark contrast.

It was originaly invented to replace the glas fiber in technology where weight and strenght are very crucial, like sailing boats, racing cars, motorbikes and so on… But it actually a very very aesthetic material too.

The fibers are playing with the light and the black inlay, instead of being only black is really interesting in itself.

The carbon fiber is very strong, but doesn’t resist to abrasion, so it why it’s the best choice to use it as an inlay surrounded by metals on the rings.

You could completly ruin a carbon ring by rubing it on a stone, no doubt about it.


Who creates these rings and rings signed Cbijou - Cbijoux?

Your servant – Cedric Chevalley. I have been signing my rings “cbijoux” since 2001.

Two qualified employees assist me, curently in our workshop in Switzerland for the production 

I founded the mood collection ring brand in 2004 and handed is over to two friends in 2013. I also launched the Diirt upcycling brand.

You can learn more about my background and history by visiting my artist page here.

I hope I have answered all of your questions and have allowed you to move forward towards the realization of your dream creation. I remain at your disposal for any further questions.

Please send me your requests here.

You will have to define several criteria, such as:

– ring profile (square/flat, rounded)

– band width

– materials and aspects you would like to see

– budget

– time limit/deadline

– a very important point- finger size. For this, you can provide me with a ring that the person wears on the left ring finger (for an engagement ring or wedding ring).

If you would like to know more about the process of creating a ring made to order, here is an article you can read.

If you would like to know more about the creation of Cbijou wedding rings click here.

You can also contact me directly by e-mail here for any questions or comments.

See you soon!

Cédric Chevalley


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