Creation of rings and wedding rings with wood, often precious wood.

Wood is a magnificent material, warm, natural but also fragile.


As you have already noticed, or will soon realize by discovering our jewelry creations, we are also specialized in the creation of rings and wedding rings using wood, precious woods, combined with metal in a long-lasting way.



Creations of wooden rings – usually combined with metal.

We use many different of metals, precious or not. The choice is made according to the client’s preferences – such as budget, color, durability, weight etc.

Here, you can read an article about the differences between white gold and palladium. If you are drawn to lightweight metals, you can read one about titanium. If you like dark or even black metals, you can click here to read about tantalum. Here are other articles about palladium and platinum.

As engagement rings and wedding rings designers, we enjoy adding wood to our creations – on the one hand for the warmth this material brings and on the other hand, for the magnificent contrast it offers with metal. However, the wearer must be aware of certain precautions to be taken. We will come back to this later in the article.

Wood, a noble material, adds a warmer, more natural aspect to the creation, and an interesting fragile/ephemeral aspect. Surrounding it with metal protects it from the constraints of everyday life and accentuates its symbolism.

Here are some examples of Cbijou® creations of rings with wood:


What do the different woods used look like?


The different types I usually offer are ebony, zebrawood, rosewood, kingwood, bois de rose, ziricote, zirconia, zebrawood, wenge and olive wood. This list is not exhaustive and may vary according to my suppliers, who certify that these varieties do not come from deforestation.

Is a wooden ring fragile?

I think it is good to have in mind that a ring made of wood must be treated with a little more care than a ring made only of metal or inert materials such as carbon fiber. Wood is “living”, it is a natural material that is more fragile and more sensitive. 

It is important to keep in mind that replacing the wooden part in the coming years can be done, without it being a defect. Cbijoux® creations made with wood are always made in such a way that you can replace the wooden part and even, if it no longer suits you as a material, replace it with another material, such as Mokume gane for example.

This does not mean that a wooden ring must be removed every time you wash your hands and that it cannot be immersed in water. However, some precautions will keep the wood more beautiful longer, such as applying non-liquid beeswax from time to time, which will feed the wood and keep it non-porous.

Is a ring or a pair of wedding rings made to order more expensive?

Usually, the prices of our creations are not communicated, because they are always unique pieces made to order.

For an idea of the cost, you will often find a price range next to the description of each creation presented on this site. Keep in mind that the cost represents the amount of work (the more assembly and materials there are, the more work there will be), the materials used and the creation’s uniqueness.

Good to know: even if we make each creation by hand in our workshop, the prices will not be more expensive than what you can see in store, because you buy directly from the designer. No intermediate… how lucky!!!!!

How can I order a wooden ring or wedding ring by mail order?

As for the organization by correspondence, when you have listed all the criteria for your creation (size, width, material, aspect…), that we have summarized this by means of a sketch, you will confirm the order by paying half of the total amount (minus 100$ for the sketch). We will set a deadline and the balance will be due after you receive and validate photos of your creation. Then, your order will be shipped.

A small difficulty, but an essential one to address, will be your finger size. You will have to measure it yourself, as I will not be able to do it for you. Go to a professional and ask them to provide this service (it should not cost more than 10$). Once your finger size has been obtained, we will send you one or more rings to confirm this size. You will then ship the try-on rings back to us.

Be sure to test a test ring of the same width as the one you wish to order: a thin ring is looser than a wide ring; the latter often has to be one to two sizes larger than a thin band.

(For the quotation/offer: it is invoiced 100$ and offered in case of order)

Who creates these rings and rings signed Cbijou - Cbijoux?

Your servant – Cedric Chevalley. I have been signing my rings “cbijoux” since 2001.

One, sometimes two qualified employees assist me.

I founded the mood collection ring brand in 2004 and handed is over to two friends in 2013. I also launched the Diirt upcycling brand.

You can learn more about my background and history by browsing the Facebook page (which you are welcome to like) and also by visiting my artist page here.

I hope I have answered all of your questions and have allowed you to move forward towards the realization of your dream creation. I remain at your disposal for any further questions.

Please send me your requests here.

You will have to define several criteria, such as:

– ring profile (square/flat, rounded)

– band width

– materials and aspects you would like to see

– budget

– time limit/deadline

– a very important point- finger size. For this, you can provide me with a ring that the person wears on the left ring finger (for an engagement ring or wedding ring).

If you would like to know more about the process of creating a ring made to order, here is an article you can read.

If you would like to know more about the creation of Cbijoux wedding rings click here.

You can also contact me directly by e-mail here for any questions or comments.

See you soon!

Cédric Chevalley

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