step 1: shape

Shape and dimension are aesthetic choices and are also important for comfort.

Round shapes are a softer design and have a thinner appearance. The flat shapes appear bolder, have more presence, and will fit more comfortably.

The thickness and angles of the rings are very important in relation to comfort. For our designs, we advise the width to be between 1/4-1/2 of an inch.

To choose the best width for your rings, we recommend viewing the ring on your hand in a mirror. This will help you to see the ring from an objective point of view. Customers are often surprised to find that larger rings look incredible once they try them on.


step 2: aspect

Lost Wax Procedure.

This term refers to a process of casting metal, and then creating a model made of wax. This technology can be crafted in precious metals and in cro-mo alloy, but not in steel or tantalum.

Over time, this ring’s surface will accumulate scratches and marks. This adds to the charm of this material and will act as a built-in memory for your ring as you wear it. The scratches and marks contribute to the original character of your ring. Initially the surfaces will be smooth, and the first marks to appear will be significant.


step 3: material

Choosing the material is one of the most important steps.

This determines the look of the design as well as the price. Precious metals are not in every case the best choice for your design. This depends on the desired features you are looking for. Gold can be very interesting for pursuing color like rose, bronze, and yellow for example.

For neutral gray, other metals are better than white gold. Precious metals like palladium and platinum provide this neutral gray hue. Non-precious neutral gray metals include titanium, steel, and cro-mo alloy. Ceramics, wood, mokume-gane, carbon fiber, and tantalum are great for offering contrast and unique configurations.


step 4: engraving

This process can be as personalized as engraving your partner’s fingerprint and/or handwriting into the ring. We will provide more information about getting your fingerprint or hand-written message engraved later in the process.


step 5: stones & settings

We source our stones from conflict-free providers guaranteed.

The best stones to set on rings are diamond, sapphire, and ruby (without the use of synthetic stones). The beauty will be long-lasting and includes color and light refraction.


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