Cedric initially learned machining in Switzerland and glass blowing in the Czech Republic before deciding to unite his exemplary craftsmanship with his passion for aesthetics to design revolutionary jewelry. Cedric initially made hundreds of pieces by hand before choosing to pursue jeweler training at the Technical School of the Vallée de Joux. Here, he completed his training in 2.5 years as opposed to the standard 4. He received the Technical Prize of the Golay Prize in 2001 for a silver bracelet set with 110 Biwa pearls.

Cedric opened his first gallery workshop at Esserts de Rive, Vallée de Joux, and devoted himself exclusively to the creation of his contemporary jewelry brand, Cbijou. Cedric spent two years in the heart of the Vallée de Joux and participated in many exhibitions and design fairs; these included Blickfang, Fashion Shine in Paris (where he won the Fashion Star Award), Bijorhca, and Ornaris (where he was awarded the Selection of New Trend). After his many successes, Cedric decided to settle in the old town of Lausanne.

One day, while traveling from Lausanne to Paris, Cedric conceived of one of his globally recognized designs, the Mood Ring. The simple but fundamentally innovative idea involves a ring with a minimalist aesthetic, but with infinite possibilities of personalization which suit both men and women. From the first sketches scribbled on his notepad to the original prototype, it was clear that this design would be truly one-of-a-kind. Its uncluttered personality is highlighted by an opposition between two materials: the strength of steel and the delicacy of materials included in the center known as addon.

Cedric sold the Mood Collection, and now designs exclusively for Cbijou and his namesake brand, Cedric Chevalley. Under Cbijou, Cedric delights his customers with entirely bespoke wedding and engagement rings, and uses a variety of materials including precious metals like gold and silver, but also more radical elements like tantalum and ceramics. For Cedric Chevalley, he upcycles wood from discarded skateboard decks and constructs high-end, sculptural jewelry that is showcased all over the world. Cedric lives between Los Angeles and Switzerland.

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